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Justin Wirtalla is an award winning filmmaker and published photographer based in Northwest Montana. Telling stories through visual mediums is a passion that has grown out of developing these crafts for nearly two decades. His unique aesthetic is present in every project both visually and conceptually. Justin has be fortunate to work with clients such as Chevrolet, Ram, Hyundai, GT's, onX, Nokian, Kumho, Oppo, Chopard, and Bowmore.  

Justin's love for adventure and the outdoors drew him to photography as a way to remember the experiences, which in turn inspired him to search for even more extraordinary moments to document. Although traditionally trained on film, Justin fully embraces the tools of the modern darkroom. He mainly edits his photography using Lightroom and Photoshop, and produces video entirely in Davinci Resolve. Recently he as adopted Blender 3D as a means of creating digital art to expand his skills beyond the camera. Regardless of the medium, the need to create is an ongoing endeavor as an artist.

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